Minutes of the April7, 2007 Board Meeting of the Sarasota/Manatee Farm Worker Supporters:





Phil Eldridge

Alejandro Reyes

Pat Liebert

Frances Eckstein

Adriana Cerillo

Marvin Mills

Corinne Fleisher


Treasurer’s Report by Pat: Some $1400 in the treasury.


Website: Frances continues to post all articles forwarded by Greg. She continues to be commended for handling the best web-site for farmworkers in the country, it has been judged.


1- Public Forum for May 19th, 2007:

            Pat Liebert had reviewed the intendeds film: “Dying to Live” and judged that it would not be appropriate for the occasion. It was decided to change the meeting to hear the personal stories of three or more farmworkers of diverse backgrounds who are prepared to come forward and express themselves. Adriana Cerillo and Phil Eldridge will arrange for the speakers. They will be compensated for loss of work time. When the speakers and their topics are decided on, a leaflet will be prepared, media notified, email sent out and (perhaps) a newsletter prepared.


2- The Cesar Memorial Chavez dinner will go forward. Pat Liebert will be the organizer, as in the past. Marvin mill check the availability at the Golden Apple’s present location or future venue at Lakewood Ranch The management has expressed their conviction that they will be functioning in one of the two places and that setting aside a date for SMFWS can be arranged. Marvin will follow up. Other places are possible. A possible “play” can be put on. Corinne is writing a 30 minute play now. She feels that only a “reading” will be possible since to get an acting group would be too expensive.


3- Marvin raised some doubts about the future of rthe SMFWS and its abily to gather enough human resources to accomplish our usual goals of Public Meetings and dinner. The consensus was that we can do it- si se puedes. It was felt that in spite of the usual apathy of the non-farmworker public that we are trying to reach and present our advocacy, it was important to persist. Adirana especially feels that this is so.


4- Corinne Fleisher was introduced to the board. She is in the midst of researching the farmworker question and inrterviewing present and former farmworkers to get material for her play. She is dedicated to writing the play as she has done so successfully with others. We will work with her and support her anyway we can.


5- Next board meeting is May 5th. Alejandro said that specifics of the dinner and of the public meeting will be taken up. The dinner meeting must decide on main speaker, play, master of ceremonies, plaques for worthy farmworker supporters, date and place, etc.


6- Projected public meeting for Sept. 1st was felt by Pat to be inappropriate because the Läbor Day weekend would cut into attendance. Frances felt that the date was OK. Marvin will seek an alternate date from Selby Library. It was suggested that Jim Delgado be the speaker, if possible.