Minutes of the June 2, 2007 Board Meeting of the Sarasota/Manatee Farm Worker Supporters:



Board members and friends:
minutes for June 2, 2007
present: Mills, Eckstein, Schell, Liebert
Liebert: Treasury balance: $1,467.46
Eckstein: Web requires $200 plus for expenses. Approved.
Next public meeting scheduled for September 21. Forum conflicts with proximity to Labor Day. Decision to go ahead using theme of labor by inviting representatives from FLOC, CIW, etc. to speak.
Dinner will go forward on Nov. 26th, tho conflict with Thanksgiving on Nov. 22
recognized. Three awards to be given for commendable support of farmworkers- as is our tradition. A 30 minute play will be put on- provided the Board approves of the draft by Corinne Fleisher at its July 7th Board meeting. Scripts are expected to be  received by members round July 1st. Golden Apple will help provide actors and director pro bono. A new chef should raise the level of the food. They have decreaed their requeted cost to $22 per ticket. Our admission fee is expected to be $35. If no play is acceptable then speaker will be sought- but not both.
Marvin introduced the concept of the New Sanctuary Movement. There is an interfaith movement that seeks to protect, house and offer sustenance to immigrants threatened with deportation. (See the Web site:
Tomorrow, June 6th, wednesday, there will be an EPA meeting in Ft. Myers on Risk Management Options for Fumigant Pesticides. Call Jeannie Economos of the Farmworker Association of Florida for more information at 407 886-5151. We will support some statement resulting from the meeting.
A discussionled by Schell on latest on immigration legislation with particular reerence to the AFL-CIO testimony by J.P. Hiatt before a congressional committee. Schell felt that an historic opportunity is possible within a month to pass a comprehensive reform act tho weakened by many negative features.
The next Board meeting will be July 7th- NOT July 1st.