Board Members and attendees:


Present: Greg Schell, Francis Eckstein, Pat Liebert, Marvin Mills, Joanna Torres,

                    Maria Navarrette, Natalie


Summary of SMFS Board meeting Sept. 15th, 2007:


1- Dinner decisions

        Ticket design by Frances Eckstein are acceptable. They will be printed up in a batch of 400

        Dinner time: 6 to 9 pm.

        Expected leeway for overrun of ticket sales: 30 people

        Marvin will contact Juan de la Sierra to make sure that he is 

            available with his guitar for both the play and from 6 to 6:30.             

        Marvin will call FLOC to make arrangements for acceptance of the plaque for Cruz by a

                  FLOC representative.

        Leaflet by Marvin will be adjusted for clarity and content.

        Breul, play director, must be exorted to produce the play .

        De Colores music is available by Francis Eckstein

        Plaque designs by Francis E. are accepted and will be made up at 3 for $50 each.

        A printed program will be designed for the evening.


2-  Reservations at Selby Library for next year:

        Preference: Feb. 16th, April 12th, Sept. 20th, Dec. 13th 2pm, Saturdays.

        Marvin will be at the gate at 9am at the prescribed date to get the best dates at Selby.


3- Board Meetings

        Effort will be made to secure the same conference room at the North                          County Library for  first Saturday

        of each month, 10 am.


4- Attendance by Joanna Torres and Maria Navarrette and Natalie

        They explained that their Apostolic Assembly Church in Bradenton of approx. 100 people, mostly farmworkers were very concerned about the problem of deportation. Greg explained that the situation is very much in flux, that mostly the government is scaring people. Numbers being deported are minimum. The board assured them  we would support them in any way that we could and urged them to continue to attend our board meetings.


5. December 15th public meeting:

        There will be a meeting. A suggestion by Greg that it be on farmworker children. Greg will request from Alejandro info on the RCMA- Redlands Christian Migrant Association.


6. Sanctuary Movement

        Very important development. Check the web site: NewSanctuaryMovement.Org. Harassed undocumented workers and their families are being helped by faith and secular groups around the country. The legality of providing help is a gray area and there is a new bill in the Florida legislature to make it a crime. SMFS will do what it can within the constraints.


7. Proposed new building as center for migrant service.

        A two-story educational center sought in Palmetto at 11th St. West and 3rd Avenue West, just north of US 301.

        Pastor Mark Cotignola is spearheading the effort with aid of Esperanza Gamboa of Manatee Technical Institute's Farmworker Education Program. SMFS will help insofar as possible.


8. A school in Sarasota hopes to find a farmworker site for 50 10th grade students to experience a two day physical volunteer work to help out. Jim Kennor, their teacher, asks for suggestions. Marvin will answer his email with suggestions. If you have suggestions write to


9. Coalition of Immokalee Workers is having a Florida Truth Tour from Sept. 6th to

  Oct. 6th and will be coming through Sarasota. They are looking for a "congregation/organization help with arrangements for a community meeting and light meal". No action planned by SMFS.


10. Florida Immigrant Coalition will have its annual Statewide Congress Sept. 21-23 at Winter Park. Those who can attend are urged to go. See 


Next Board Meeting at 10am, Sat. Oct. 6th, North County Library. All members and guests are invited.


Marvin Mills

secretary, SMFS